It's the last lesson in search engine optimization (SEO) that you'll ever need...

SEO Copy Software

You can forget about all that agonizing search engine optimization, because your competitors have already done all of the work — and thinking — FOR you! No matter where your website is ranked, or what internet skills you have, I guarantee that you will walk away from this lesson with the immediate power to reverse engineer and outrank your biggest competitors quickly, and easily. Check this out right now, if you're ready to go racing off on the wildest
(and richest) ride of your life!

From: Michael Davis

Thursday, 11:12 a.m.


How about if I give you a SEO SOFTWARE? One to give you the #1 Google ranking for your most competitive keywords. One you can use right away — because it copies the proven tactics of your biggest competitors! In fact, this software...

Reverse Engineers Google's Ranking Algorithm!

This software has already earned a fortune after being used in several markets, on many different websites. Each time, it's proven itself as cash generating machine — over, and over again. Even in tough markets, where top rankings are usually hard to come by, this computer program produced #1 Google Rankings, right out of the gate.

One of the websites has been online for 5 years, and has generated millions of leads (resulting in a 7-digit fortune in profits.). Two of the websites have been online for less than 60 days, and are already pulling tens of thousands of unique visitors each week. Two more of these websites became CLASSICS in their marketplace, even though they were only intended to make some fast cash.

These five websites have slaughtered the competition and sucked in massive profits in their markets.

How did these websites rank so well?

Easy! I used the bundled intelligence of all of their market competitors — every single one of them! I knew which links to acquire. I knew why every competitor's website was ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. I knew how long they needed to get there, and more importantly...

I Instantly Copied The Secrets
Behind Their Top Google Rankings!

That's critical, because now I'm going to show you how to easily and simply "redirect" the white-hot magic of the Google Top 10 competitors in your market... right onto YOUR website — no matter what keywords you are using or what market you are in.

What's more, I'll give you a SEO SOFTWARE that works 24/7 for you, all the time while your computer is running. You can go to town, have lunch, sleep — all with the peace of mind that your computer is pushing your website to the top rankings, and attracting tons of visitors.

Other people have been trying to copy my websites' successes for years now. But they do it horribly wrong, because they don't understand the hidden workings behind Google's Ranking algorithm. All they see is a website that came out of nowhere, and suddenly ranked 1st for ultra competitive keywords, and they try to copy the magic.

It is NOT easy to do... that is, unless you have a computer program that analyzes and penetrates your complete marketplace 24 hours a day, hidden in the background. Even ultra-high paid SEO professionals screw this up, because they just don't have the time to make it happen manually, so they're always searching for the "low competition niches".

What's more, copying the link structure of these websites won't work to gain the top 3 positions for high traffic keywords — where all the HUGE money is — until you have the KEYS to the secrets underneath all the obvious stuff.

I've got the recipe hardcoded into a piece of computer software. Until now, I've only shared it with a handful of others.

Now — if you're ready — I am willing to give you THIS COMPUTER SOFTWARE. This program will immediately make it EASY and SIMPLE for you to steal the highest Google rankings for your top keywords.

Case Study 1: 'Mortgage' Market Website




FREE Traffic Value Based On AdWords CPC

Average AdWords CPC (cost per click) 'Mortgage' Market: $6.88

493,140 FREE Visitors/30 Days = $3,392,803.20 Monthly CPC Value

16,438 FREE Visitors/Day =  $113,093.44 Daily CPC Value

*FTC Disclaimer: These are MY results. These are not average user results, because I never gave out this software before. So I have no idea what the 'average' user will achieve.



You can set this up in just a few quick steps, by following my exact instructions. Here's a few examples of some things that it will do for you:

  • It will uncover WHY each link ranked your top competitors so well, and HOW to "translate" that ferocious power so that you can easily adapt the same proven link structure, with just a few "on target" changes to your website. This instantly solves your biggest problem — getting a market specific pagerank, and Top Google Rankings for your entire range of keywords.

  • It will deconstruct the internal link structure of the top ranked websites, so that it becomes obvious why they work. It also becomes obvious how it can ever so simply tweak each one to fit your business. Having a world-class internal link structure will force Google to rank your website very high for tons of keyword phrases, You can finally overwhelm your market (just like the major players) with tons of rankings for every possible keyword combination.

  • Furthermore, it will quickly identify the super-links specific to your market niche, and evolve your own high power niche link structure. Understanding how to find, and get, these hard to find links is the difference between boring websites that just rank somewhere in the Top 10, and MONSTER winners that break the bank by ranking No. 1 for a whole range of keywords!

This is operation MoneySuck at the highest level. You are about to take FULL ADVANTAGE of the best ranked websites in your marketplace, and beat them by using all of their ranking power combined.

This is how I got good. Right after I started my first few websites, I spent an enormous amount of time and energy finding ultra competitive markets — and then tearing apart the Top 10 websites and find out why each website ranked so well. After I became extremely good at this tactic, I started developing my own software tools that collected and compared the data of these websites — no other search engine optimization professional I've met has even been able to come close to breaking the code for dissecting winners like this.

BUT the MOST help I got was in de-constructing the external link structure of these highly ranked websites. This is exactly the way I set up the "XRAIDER" software.

Very simply...

I Revealed The Secrets Behind The Google Ranking Algorithm To Get Ranked Very, Very High — Very, Very FAST!

And guess what?

I've automated 100% of the process of finding the right link partners and contacting them to get the external link structure right for a Top Ranking.

Now, I still believe that the main appeal of this new software is that I've Reverse Engineered the Google PageRank algorithm for you.

However, even more important than the skills to de-construct the winners in your marketplace is that the software TAKES the action for YOU.

It's like painting. You can slap water colors on a canvas, and have a great artist talk to you for hours about what you've done wrong, and ways to improve your brush stroke and so on. That can help, a little bit. BUT, if you just want to have a great painting for your home, the fastest and easiest way is to let the same artist simply repaint a famous painting for you. He knows how the details were achieved, and he knows all the secrets and tricks behind the magic.

This is the stuff you just can't see by just looking at a winning link structure — The deep, hidden stuff you need somebody to do for you, to be able to comprehend. Like...

  • To Split test the response to your E-Mails. With just a few well-chosen power words aimed right at the sweet spot of your prospects, you can dramatically boost your success rate by 20%, 30% — even 350% or higher. (If you're like 99% of the people out there, you're sending "link requests" with "cold" appeals which destroy results, because they never test what works and what doesn't.)

  • To handle replies to your E-Mails, so there is never a risk of annoying somebody by sending them the same E-Mail over and over, even though they've already answered.

  • To find the right contact details. This point alone can be a major pain. It's a real time killer nowadays, when almost anyone could be hiding behind some contact form, which oftentimes doesn't even work and just "eats" your messages.

  • To follow-up till you reach the right person. This consistency technique blows up your response by 822% in the long term. This unique knowledge separates the winners from the losers in the SEO world.

  • To properly handle bounces and dead-E-Mails, as well as researching new contact addresses, in order to boost your success rate by 53%. Most of the time you'll get a fast response, if you are one of the few whom contacts these hard to find people.

...and everything else that goes into getting your message across in a way that brings in the right links for a great ranking like a dam burst. This goes for everyone, at every level of expertise.

All it takes is sitting down, answering some E-Mails, and letting your computer do all the magic in the background night and day.

Once you experience WHY and HOW this software is working so well, keyword by keyword, market by market, you're going to have the biggest damn smile on your face that you've ever had.

You'll be smiling because...

You Will Be Able To Plug in Your Own Specific Keywords And Make Each Market YOURS!

I'm serious. It's as simple as child's play to adapt any proven external link structure to your website. All you need is to have someone (like the XRAIDER software)who knows the secrets behind success doing all of the hard work for you.

There are many marketers out there whom have developed a single website on their own, which ranked to some degree. Sometimes they lucked into it, or they obsessed so much on the project that they did link exchange after link exchange... until one finally started to bring in some traffic.

But they don't really know WHY the link structure worked.

And they couldn't REPEAT that luck if a gun were held to their head.

Why? Because they don't understand the secrets behind Google's Ranking Algorithm. It's like the old saying: "Everybody has one novel in them, but seldom two." It's the same with websites — if you try long and hard enough, you may stumble upon a link structure that brings in some serious traffic.

But why work that hard?

Why risk your wealth, and the success of your business, on the "maybe" chance you will somehow be able to acquire an original new link structure that might work well enough to get a ranking to bring in profit and new customers?

Why not...

Ethically CHEAT?

Why not just "borrow" a link structure that has already proven itself to contain ALL of the necessary secrets and ingredients to be a world-class traffic-generator... and simply adapt it to your own website? You can do it with complete positive karma because you will give some power back to your marketplace as well. XRAIDER will get you going.

This is my personal invitation to you to pillage Google's Top Ranked websites.

I know this technique works like crazy, when you finally do it right.

The results will take your breath away. An "okay" ranked website can bring in some nice little profit — perhaps a few dollars each day. You may be able to pay your web hosting each month, and spend the rest for a dinner with your spouse.

But a world-class ranked website — the kind I've developed and already proven in the real markets out there...

Can Bring In A Fortune!

That's why people pay me the big bucks to build up a link structure to get Top Rankings for them. It's not that they like to hand out checks for $5,000 or $15,000 (my standard monthly fee for building up and maintaining a winning link structure) each and every month.

Nope. It's because they are utterly confident that what I do for their rankings will be like opening a new checking account somewhere — and then having other people stuff that account with cash.

To the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, on up to millions.

That's what's running a highly ranked website is like. The money can come flooding in so fast that you can't keep up with depositing it all. It's like the dam burst.

It is simply...

The Difference Between "Just Getting By..."
And Finally Getting Busy Earning The Fortune That Will Allow You To Live In Luxury
For The Rest Of Your Days!

That's why smart business owners pay me outrageous fees to build up a link structure for them. My XRAIDER software holds the key to a damn big house on Easy Street.

So, have I flipped my lid here?

Why on earth would I give away the XRAIDER software, my secret weapon behind my biggest profit-generating websites? So that you can create the Top Google Rankings by yourself, and SKIP hiring me to do it for you?

It is a little like committing professional suicide, isn't it.

It's because once I do share my XRAIDER software, the secret behind my work, you'll immediately realize two things:

  1. It is so easy to alter the link structure of an existing website to your own greedy little needs, and pour in obscene amounts of visitors — you may never bother to pay any advertising again! And also...

  2. You can stop struggling with the whole business of running a website altogether, and get on with the business of "optimizing" website rankings for other business owners, RAKING IN OBSCENE PROFITS. You'll have your own secret weapon "in the bank", waiting to be unleashed whenever you choose.

I really could make myself — and my business of ranking websites — obsolete

So why am I doing this? Simple.

First — the ONLY people who are going to even know about the release of the XRAIDER software are my subscribers and emails contacts, (and a handful of people invited through friends of mine.) In the grand scheme of things, this isn't even a ripple of the pond of the Big Old SEO World.

There will always be plenty of markets for me, and there will always be people who need to hire me at my full, outrageous fees.

That doesn't worry me a bit.

Second — this is what I LOVE to do. I started this whole enterprise — the websites, the newsletters, the SEO services — because I love to help others to succeed. No one helped me when I started out, and I made a vow that — after I made it — I would do my best to help everyone I could.

I want to be that pro who takes the time to help rookies and small business owners "get over the hump" to create Top Google Rankings. I enjoy my role as the guy who reveals all the insider secrets that other professionals want to keep for themselves. (Trust me — a lot of SEO "experts" are going to be plenty pissed at me for making this software available to the public.)

Without doubt, this is the BEST way I can help you right now.

This software will not make your brain ache with complex SEO (search engine optimization) theory.

Instead, it just takes the existing Top Competitors in your market and adapts their SEO to your website for immediate use. With Google's permission.

This is pure evil on my part.

Why? Because this is going to change EVERYTHING in your market, and every other market of every other guy smart enough to take me up on this hyper-generous offer.

Assaulting your market with this kind of Professional SEO Software is NOT like hiring a warrior to teach you how to fight. No way. It's like hiring a warrior to go out and do the dirty work FOR you.

Hey, I like that metaphor! Imagine your market as something you need to conquer; this is usually true. Now, instead of you getting bloody and exhausted, instead of trying to beat the competition and win over the Top Google Rankings, imagine having a professional bad-ass "hired gun" (say, a guy like me, for instance) go out and just slaughter the competition, and corral all the customers you could ever handle.

Then he asks you to come in and take all the credit... and all the profit!

All of it!

This is heaven for any serious marketer who is finally ready to bust out and make his fortune.

It doesn't matter what market you're in, either. It's not the specifics of the keywords that matter. Rather it's knowing the specifics of the EXTERNAL LINK STRUCTURE, so you can add it to your own website. As easily as pressing the START-Button, in some cases.

This is gonna change your life. This is going to be more fun than being reborn as a spoiled rich kid.

Here's how to get in on this: Like I said — I have Professional SEO Software which we've created and refined over the years, just waiting for you on my secured server. Just give the word and I will send a Download Link and License Key to you.

How much? Listen carefully: My minimum fee for building up an external link structure that get's Top Google Rankings is $5,000 and it goes up quickly to $15,000 each and every month, depending on how much competition is in the market. When you factor in the 6 month minimum contract length I tack on... well, you'll understand why I've been paid more than $100,000 by many clients for a single website.

I get the Big Bucks because what I do brings in BIGGER bucks for the client. It's a win-win situation.

The software I'm going to give you has been worth a FORTUNE, both to me and to the clients I put it to work for. I can't even begin to compute what the total profit has been. What does a Boeing 747 cost?

I have entertained obscene offers for the exclusive rights to this software.

But that's not the way I do things. Instead, I've decided to just offer my software as a public marketing test, for a limited time, under a very simple, very fair deal.

Here's the deal: I am essentially offering you the XRAIDER SEO Software usable for 10 unique websites. At a bare minimum, that would cost you $50,000 if you hired me directly, just for the first month (of the minimum 6 month contract).

But I'm not going to ask for anything close to that kind of money.

No way.

I only want LESS THAN TEN PERCENT of that fee now. Send me $1,997, and I'll rush the Download Link and the License Key for the Platinum Edition of XRAIDER to you.

But wait! If you're only a budget I have the Gold Edition of the XRAIDER software for you. It is pretty much the same as the Platinum Edition, BUT it is limited to only one domain.

So if you just started out and are on shoestring budget, this is your cheapest and fastest way to convert your website into a goldmine, for just $199.

But here's the catch: I am giving out the price reduced Gold Edition of XRAIDER so that you can prove yourself that what I've given you works.

And it works like crazy.

Therefore, I want you to upgrade to the Platinum Edition...

ONLY After You've Cleared
 $500,000 In Free Traffic!

Directly from the "new" Top Google Rankings, borrowed from the Top Competitors in your market by XRAIDER for you.


Case Study 2: 'Car Insurance' Market Website




FREE Traffic Value Based On AdWords CPC

Average AdWords CPC (cost per click) 'Car Insurance' Market: $5.61

856,955 FREE Visitors/30 Days = $4,807,517.55 Monthly CPC Value

28,565 FREE Visitors/Day =  $160,249.65 Daily CPC Value

*FTC Disclaimer: These are MY results. These are not average user results, because I never gave out this software before. So I have no idea what the 'average' user will achieve.  


I won't pressure you on this, because I don't have to. I have extremely tight relationships with many of my customers and clients, and I truly believe I can trust you on this matter completely. With very few exceptions, the people I meet in this biz are honorable and ethical to a fault.

I always tried to treat you the way I wish other businesses would treat me — with respect, trust, and over-the-top service.

I completed my part with this software. It will FORCE you to build up a link structure, one that let's you gain the power to achieve Top Google Rankings for your websites. Immediately.

Now I expect you to do YOUR part, which is to simply "get" what I reveal to you — so that you can go out and EARN A TON OF CASH with what you learn.

Once you hit that magic $500,000 mark, click on a link and upgrade to the Platinum Edition. It's that simple. If you don't earn the five hundred grand, you owe me nothing. No explanation required, no questions asked.

However, I fully expect a RAFT of Platinum upgrades to be coming in. A LOT of my clients are doing more than that each and every month.

It can happen hot and heavy like that for YOU, too.

And man, is it ever FUN when it works like that. There's no other feeling in business like the warmth of watching your bank account EXPLODE from a killer, home run, Google Ranking. That upgrade order you write to me will be the easiest one you ever write — because it means you WON, big-time.

Are you in? You need to hurry, because my experience shows me that several markets will be assaulted by XRAIDER owners before most people could make up their mind.

There is always a limit of 10 Top 10 Rankings for each keyword and if you wait to long...

I Will Have To Give Your Top Rankings
To The Guy Below You On The List!

So act now!

This is the kind of life-changing event I LOVE having happen to me. It's like this huge fork in the road — you're limping along with your current life, maybe bored to tears or dead-broke... and then BAM! You're off on a wild new ride that changes everything.

A whole new life, and a whole new world of business success is at your fingertips here.

And it all begins with the simple decision: "Yes! I want to use this software!"

There is NO OTHER INVESTEMENT you could every make in your future that will pay off so quickly, and so richly. You can still learn how to improve rank for more keywords on your own, but you just won't have to wait for success — all because you'll have all the ranking power of your link structure working for you to get ultra fast results. And you can still work on the details of your website, but you can make it while your new "ready-made" Top Rankings are out there bringing in a flood of new customers and dough.

I don't care what else you might have earmarked for the money needed to get in on this offer. The ONLY way you won't earn that money BACK almost immediately is if you don't try. What I'll give you has the proven power to create fast, fabulous fortunes. Your success is front-loaded.

I don't care how vicious your competition is, either. Hitting back with a Top Google Ranking is the BEST way to steal all their customers and earn your spot as Number One in the market.

Nor do I care how inexperienced — or experienced — you are. I know of dozens who started with zilch (no cash, no skills, no idea of even how to get started) and quickly earned MILLIONS — and they did it with Top Google Rankings, just like these, that shocked the market and demolished all other comers. All it took was being let in on the secrets of powerful link structures.

I also know several PRO'S who never quite cracked the big time... and with just a little push from XRAIDER, they finally went over the top. They instantly started getting FOUR TIMES as many visitors, getting more customers than they could handle. These link structure secrets are just that powerful — they can transform newbies, and instantly knock advanced websites into the big leagues.

Nor do I care what market you're in. I have tested it in the most competitive markets on planet earth. The more competitive the markets are, the more dramatic the Results are, because you're ethically stealing the traffic of your biggest competitors.

Okay, I'm done. It's late, and I'm going to bed. It's quiet here at night, because it's a nice exclusive neighborhood. The skills I've mastered at ranking websites have bought me this peaceful existence. I pay cash for my cars, electronic gadgets and vacations (and I take a LOT of time off, because I can.) I can stare down any other SEO expert with total confidence. I can go anywhere I want, when I want, and on my terms... and the only limit to even more wealth is my basic laziness.

I'm just to busy having fun and getting on with the good stuff life has to offer.

Knowing how to get Top Google Rankings will get you anything and everything you desire.

And having a software masterpiece working for you will jump-start that kind of success.

"SEO Copy Software"

Regular Price $199 monthly

Today $199 for a lifetime license

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I am expecting your order.


Signature (John Stahl)

Michael Davis

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium III/IV/ or AMD Athlon of at least 1.6GHz
  • 1GB of memory
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista 32/64 bit/Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • 100MB free hard drive space
  • At least one e-mail account on a POP3 server (IM)
  • Cable or DSL High-Speed Broadband Internet Connection required
  • php 4.x and mysql 3.x or higher (website script)

Attention MAC Users:

  • XRAIDER requires a PC Emulator to run on a MAC.
  • Please note that this does reduce the speed of the XRAIDER software. We recommend Bootcamp or Parallels running Windows XP
  • Mac OS 7.5.5 or later
  • 300 MB free hard drive space

P.S. One last thing. Using XRAIDER will give you power to get great rankings for your existing website, immediately. That's the main reason to get this software.

However, there is another benefit. When I started out, I constantly sought out Top Ranking websites. I tore them apart, searching for every secret, every detail that upped the rankings. That's how I got good.

The trick, of course, was to find the winners. The business world is crammed with websites that look like winners, but aren't. I had inside help, and I was able to find the ones that are really monster winners.

What this means for you is obvious: XRAIDER will give you a competitive ranking for your complete market. It will show you which websites are proven winners, and really getting blockbuster traffic. Once you see what is working in your market, you will be able to adjust your website in the right direction for even more success.

This "figure it out" talent opens the door to unbelievable wealth and success. No part of world-class traffic generation will ever be a secret to you again. You'll have the keys to the kingdom.

You will in short...

Be Set,
For Life!

P.P.S. Are you wondering why I've priced the Platinum Edition so high, and then offered price reduced editions, (just $199) in order for you to see it?

It's simple. The software you are about to see is worth a fortune — a proven fortune, too, because it has already generated vast piles of profit.

Plus, it would cost you MORE than $5,000 a month to hire me, just to rank one website for you. As I've said, I don't touch a job for less than a 6 month minimum contract. (That means a minimum fee of $30,000 for every website.)

This software is worth more than $5,000, but I want to PROVE that to you first.

Therefore, I ask only that you send in the $199 right now .When you use it to bring in your own stunning fortune of free traffic (of $500,000 or more,) only THEN do I expect you to pay the rest to upgrade to the Platinum edition. If you don't earn that much, you owe me nothing more.

So, I'm banking on the fact that you will make a few mouseclicks and start the software. Just like the clients I have who eagerly pay me a small fortune each year because my SEO works so well for them, I am also banking on the fact that upgrading to an Edition that costs a measly 1 PERCENT of what you've earned will be a check that you, too, write happily.

This is not complicated, and I don't need to ask for a contract. Most of my clients are operating on handshake deals with me, and I will extend the same privilege to you. I trust you to do the right thing — but only after I've proven it to you — with cash profit.

All right, it's time to get moving. Fill out the order form to receive the copy that is waiting for you.



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